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Borrell said that NATO cannot depend on the mood of the US President

Borrell said that NATO cannot depend on the mood of the US President

European Diplomacy Head Josep Borrell warned on Monday (12) that NATO cannot be a “selective” alliance and depend on the state of mind of the US President, in response to Donald Trump's statements about defaulting countries. .

“Let's be serious! NATO cannot be a selective alliance,” the Spanish diplomat said before entering the meeting of European Union Cooperation and Development Ministers in Brussels.

Borrell believes that NATO “cannot be a military alliance that operates depending on the mood of the President of the United States.”

He said that NATO “either exists or does not exist, but I will not waste time commenting on any foolish idea being put forward during this campaign in the United States.”

On Saturday, the former US president and the new candidate for the White House caused an uproar when he stated that if he were elected again, he would not defend the military coalition countries that defaulted on their payments.

Trump went further and said that he would encourage Russia to attack these countries.

In his speech during a campaign rally, Trump mentioned a conversation with a NATO commander, without specifying who.

The businessman said: “One of the heads of a large country stood up and said: If we do not pay and Russia attacks us, will you protect us?”

According to him, his response was: “No, I will not protect you. In fact, I will encourage (Russia) to do whatever it wants. You must pay your debts.”

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