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Biden will change his speech and build a new barrier between the US and Mexico

Biden will change his speech and build a new barrier between the US and Mexico

Faced with the worst migration crisis facing the United States this year, Democrat Joe Biden’s administration approved the construction of a new wall along the Mexican border in South Texas.

In total, approximately 20 miles will be built starting in Starr County, which borders the Latin American country.

The Democrat’s new decision contradicts his initial statements during the 2020 presidential race that he would “not build another inch of wall if he’s elected.”

However, this year alone, 245,000 crossings were made into the country, causing congestion in some US cities such as New York, governed by Democrat Eric Adams, who went to court this week to demand an end to the so-called “right to shelter”. . States like Texas and California also face a lack of resources to accommodate thousands of people.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the president’s homeland security secretary, said building a new section of the wall was a “grave and urgent need.”

One of the plans proposed by US Customs and Border Protection aims to build large barriers embedded in a concrete base, as well as gates, cameras and security equipment.

Officials said they would use funds secured by the administration of Republican Donald Trump, a strong supporter of sanctions, to build the new wing. More than 720 kilometers of walls were built during Trump’s administration.

Today Wednesday (4) the former president took up this topic during an interview he gave to an American channel Fox News Biden needs to take responsibility for the current immigration crisis in the country. According to Trump, after opposing his plan, Democrats must now reintroduce it into government policy to control the current situation.

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Official data for August, collected by the U.S. Border Patrol, showed 181,059 people were detained at the border with Mexico, compared with July, when 132,648 cases were recorded.