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Competition for records: The UK keeps the Armed Forces ready

Competition for records: The UK keeps the Armed Forces ready

The British government has announced that it is keeping its armed forces on standby as part of a series of additional measures to address the crisis that has dried up gas pumps following a wave of panic that has led to an increase in driver consumption.

The decision was made to mobilize the army after a shortage of truck drivers to prevent fuel stocks from reaching gas stations. The crisis has caused severe supply problems for retailers and restaurants in recent months.

Last weekend the fuel shortage warning rushed to gas stations, with long queues of cars waiting for gas, resulting in cities running out of gas.

As part of an agreement to address the labor shortage, the government had already announced the issuance of temporary visas to 5,000 foreign trucks, the suspension of competition laws and the reinstatement of ex-drivers.

The British government has said it has a limited number of truck drivers on standby.

“Although the department expects demand to return to normal in the coming days, we are committed to following this important precautionary measure,” Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarteng said in a statement late on Monday (27).

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