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'Beyond Illusion': Magic puts David at risk after sabotage |  Come to me around - come

‘Beyond Illusion’: Magic puts David at risk after sabotage | Come to me around – come

“I know that a magician should not reveal his tricks, but I need to calm your heart. I will be chained, but I have the keys to the locks… Calm down?” David will ask.

🎧 Malu Jali hints at the end of Euleta’s Doubles at Beyond Illusion!

Davey reassures Isadora about witchcraft in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

Isadora will not be satisfied, but she will trust her boyfriend. The problem is Ursula (Barbara Paz) You will also listen to the conversation and decide to ambush David: you will change one of the number’s locks to another, so the magician will not have a key to open it.

“You disowned me, Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), But my mother’s love was real. The proof is that I will pave the way for you to stay with Isadora,” Ursula will say, alone.

Ursula spies on Davy and Isadora’s conversation about witchcraft in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

Not knowing the interchange, Duffy will start his number while Joaquim and Isadora are talking. The seamstress will be concerned when she realizes that Davy is taking longer than expected to release the strands. Under the covers, David will be dazed and desperate and trying to get rid of the lock.

“It’s been two minutes. Is everything all right?” Isadora asks.

Davy begins a magic show in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

What will happen to David? Don’t miss the last chapters of the 6 AM TV series!

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Review the magic David did to disappear at Isadora’s birthday dinner:

David performs magic tricks and escapes from the sheriff

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