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Best places to live during retirement according to the global index

Best places to live during retirement according to the global index

According to the Global Retirement Index, published by digital magazine International Living, Costa Rica is ranked as the best place to retire in 2024. The country tops the ranking, closely followed by Portugal, Mexico, Panama and Spain.

Evaluation methodology

According to International Living, the list of the best countries to retire in is not based on a scientific method. Instead, the magazine brings together everyday experiences relayed by reporters and contributors living in these countries. Ratings take into account aspects such as costs of living, health, governance, infrastructure, reliable and fast internet access, and public transport conditions.

Five prominent countries in Latin America

Among the top ten in the ranking are five countries from Latin America: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica. These countries are distinguished by their combination of cost and benefits, hospitality, landscape and quality of medical care.

The importance of medical assistance

In terms of medical assistance, Colombia is comparable to the United States, while Ecuador is known for its collective concern for the well-being of the elderly. Medical assistance is an important aspect when choosing a destination, as this audience may need frequent healthcare.

Cultural and climatic aspects make a difference

In addition to health and economic aspects, the climate and culture of each country are equally important factors. In Ecuador, for example, the stable climate and the country's appreciation for family are distinctive characteristics. Considered the happiest country in Latin America, Costa Rica is known as the “Switzerland of Central America” and stands out for its commitment to sustainability, powered by 98% renewable energy.

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When considering retirement, each individual evaluates a unique set of factors based on their needs and expectations. But according to International Living's Global Retirement Index, Costa Rica is definitely a destination worth considering.