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Benfica de Jorge Jesus holds 0-0 with PSV Eindhoven and goes to the group stage;  Lucas Verissimo was sent off in the first half

Benfica de Jorge Jesus holds 0-0 with PSV Eindhoven and goes to the group stage; Lucas Verissimo was sent off in the first half

It was very emotional, but Benfica in the group stage from Champions League! This Tuesday, Jorge Jesus’ team drew 0-0 with PSV Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, and as they won the match 2-1, they advanced in playoffs from competition.

The Portuguese rating was heroic, with Encarnado playing most of the duel with lesser ones, after Brazilian defender Lucas Verissimo was sent off 31 on the first time.

With that, PSV did its best and promoted a real “bombing” (21 serves), but failed to get past the goal of goalkeeper Vlachodemos, who put in a great performance.

The match was also marked by an incredible move by striker Zahaoui, who lost a ridiculous goal against PSV Eindhoven.

In the second half, he received alone in a small area, already without a goalkeeper, and even with no goal, sent the crossbar, to the despair of the Dutch fans.

I wanted fate to team Mr He went to the Champions League, and now it remains to be seen who the opponents will be in the group stage.

Tournament mode

As a result, Benfica qualified for the group stage of the Champions League – the keys will still be a draw.

PSV, in turn, will compete in the group stage from European League.

Oh Caesar: Flashodemus

The Benfica goalkeeper has included the club’s classification into the group stage Champions.

With bold exits and showing reflexes on time, he made a decisive save during the Eindhoven “bomber”.

In every way, they were 8 Difficult interventions by a Greek archer, according to figures from TruMediaGive ESPN.

And when he failed to move, he was lucky: Zahavi, who was free in the small area, sent the crossbar.

If Jorge Jesus has someone to thank for the score, it’s Vlachodimos.

It was bad: Lucas Verissimo

The former Santos defender made a great start at Benfica, but this Tuesday has complicated his side a lot.

He got his first yellow card just 7 minutes into the first half, when he stopped PSV Eindhoven’s counter-attack.

Then, at the age of 31, he grabbed an elbow in an opponent and was given another yellow card, and was sent off on the first stage.

With that said, his team had to play more than 60 minutes with one less, which almost cost the ratings.

Upcoming games

Eindhoven returns to the field on Saturday, when they take over Groningen, 3 pm (Brazilia), by Dutch Championship.

The next day, at 2 pm, he will face Benfica Tondelafur Portuguese Championship.

data sheet

PSV PSV 0 x 0 Benfica

Objectives: Nobody

Eindhoven Eindhoven: Dromel. Moeny (Ryan Thomas), Andre Ramalho, Boscali (Obispo), and Max (Tizzy); Sangaré, van Ginkel (Bruma) and Götze; Madueki (Vertison), Jakpo and Xavi idiomatic: Roger Schmidt

Benfica: flachodemus ; Lucas Verissimo, Otamendi and Morato; Gilberto (Andre Almeida), Joao Mario (Everton ‘Cipolinha’), Weigel and Grimaldo; Rafa Silva (Mete), Tarabat (Vertungen) and Yarmechuk (Goncalo Ramos) idiomatic: Jorge Jesus

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