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BBB 24: The Lula government reduces the athletes' grant of R$ 15,000 per month for program participants

BBB 24: The Lula government reduces the athletes' grant of R$ 15,000 per month for program participants

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The Ministry of Sports in Lula's government stated today, Thursday (11), that hanging Athlete Scholarship Vinicius Rodrigueza Paralympic athlete participating in Big Brother Brasil 24 (BBB 24), on Globo.

The Ministry said, in a memorandum, that the National Secretariat for High-Performance Sports (Snead) notified Vinicius about the reduction in benefits, since the athlete had not been informed that he would participate in the program and, therefore, would not participate. Commitment to the previously established sports plan. When he leaves the reality show, Vinicius' service may resume.

He added: “When an athlete leaves BBB 24, he will be notified again to find out whether he will continue to train and participate in competitions that fall within the sports plan submitted to the Ministry of Sports to reactivate the benefit. If this does not happen, the advantage will be permanently canceled for the athlete,” stated National Alternative Secretary for High-Performance Sports, Fabio Marcelo.

Vinicius holds the 100m world record (T63) and a silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. He has won the Bolsa Atleta Award since 2016, and currently benefits from 15 thousand Brazilian reals per month For the platform category, which is the highest in the program – according to the Ministry of Sports, “to maintain training at a high level, improve marks and obtain new achievements in its history and for Brazilian athletics.”

Sports scholarship

The Bolsa Atleta program was created by President Lula's government in 2005 and has established itself as a reference program for individual sponsorship of athletes on the world stage.

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This feature aims to support high-performance athletes who stand out in national and international competitions in their sports.

The programme, designed to provide basic conditions, has been strategically developed to allow these athletes to devote themselves exclusively and calmly to rigorous training and participate in local, South American, Pan American, World, Olympic and Paralympic competitions.

Since 2012, with the passing of Law 12.395/11, candidates have been allowed to obtain other sponsorships, expanding opportunities for famous athletes. This flexibility allows established athletes to access government scholarships, adding an additional source of resources to support their sporting activities. This scenario not only contributes to the individual development of athletes, but also contributes to strengthening the national sports scene.

In 2023, Bolsa Athleta achieved a remarkable record, benefiting 8,057 athletes out of a total of 8,292 registered.