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BB, Itaú, Bradesco and Santander will participate in Desenrola

BB, Itaú, Bradesco and Santander will participate in Desenrola

In a note, Caixa stated that the financial implications of the government debt renegotiation program are still being evaluated.

a Bank of BrazilHey BradescoHey Santander and the Itau On Friday (June 9. 2023) it announced it had joined the Desenrola program—the renegotiation of new government debt—which officially launched on the 3rd (June 6th). The information has been confirmed The power is 360 by corporate advisors.

in advertisementthe February (Brazilian Federation of Banks) – an entity representing financial institutions – said so “when [o programa] At startup, banks will make their contribution so that Desenrola reduces the number of passive consumers and helps millions of citizens reduce their debts..

On a note, the Caixa Economica Federal He stated that the operational and financial effects of the program are still being evaluated by the Bank. However, the Foundation said that it is actively participating in joint meetings with Veerappan and the Ministry of Finance.

“The Bank states that it is actively participating in the meetings with Veerappan and the Ministry, with the aim of contributing to building a solution in line with the premise of qualified customer service and the strategic planning of this institution.”Fund said.

Desenrola Brasil intends to join the debtors and creditors so that the debts can be renegotiated and the default situation ended. Banks that adhere to the initiative must forgive debts of up to R$100. Financial institutions that comply with Desenrola will receive incentives from the federal government.

program announced by the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (PT), you want to remove 1.5 million Brazilians “Immediately” from the defaulters list.

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people who have to Values ​​greater than R$100 will be divided into two ranges:

Track number 1

  • persons receiving up to a minimum wage or registered with a CadÚnico (Cadastro Único);
  • In this case, the program will provide a guarantee for Renegotiate debts up to R$5,000considered the total debt;
  • Debtors who are bound by Desenrola must settle their debts:
    • in cash or with own resources or;
    • By contracting a new credit transaction with an accredited bank. The amount can be divided into Up to 60 installmentswith 1.99% interest per month.

Qualified financial agents may request FGO guarantee (Operations Guarantee Fund) to finance debt settlement.

It will be the renegotiated debt IOF exempt (financial transaction tax). Re-negotiation is planned Start in July.

Debts that have real security or relate to:

  • rural credit;
  • Real Estate Finance
  • operations with financing or third party risks; that it
  • Other operations determined by a law issued by the Minister of State for Financial Affairs.

If the contractor defaults, the banks will collect debts on their behalf.”Less stringent procedures than those normally used to recover special credits are prohibitedsays the deputy.

Track 2

It will be put up for debts contracted at the bank. Unlike the people in Band 1, the Govt FGO guarantee will not be providedbut will provide access to other incentives.

To renegotiate debts in Scope 2 of the Desenrola Brasil programme, eligible banks must select a credit default defined at the lowest value between:

  • The total accounting balance of credit operations granted in the Desenrola band – band 2; that it
  • The book value of the credits arising from the temporary differences.
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As in the first track, it will be the renegotiated debt IOF exempt.

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