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Banco Inter begins issuing Inter Week Black cards

Banco Inter begins issuing Inter Week Black cards

Client Banco Inter Those who tried so hard to get the Black Card during Inter Week are finally rewarded. After all, the bank in recent days began issuing black cards to those who managed to fulfill the tasks of InterWeek to win the card upgrade. Learn more in the text below.

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Banco Inter has already started issuing Inter Week Black cards

Firstly, it is worth noting that Inter Week is an event that Banco Inter promotes every year. Among other measures, Inter Week allows bank customers to upgrade their card more easily. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for customers to get the long-awaited black card.

This year, Inter Week took place from October 25-29. To get the black card, the customer had to earn at least 19 points (out of a total of 20 points) for completing a series of tasks. Among these tasks are, for example, owning or contracting a private pension plan and making various types of investments.

Despite the errors in point counting, Banco Inter corrected the score a few days after the event ended and black cards are now issued. Check out the testimony of Saulo Fialho, a Seu channel member below. attributed to him Digital, which received its black card from Banco Inter on November 25.

Photo: Saulo Fialho
Photo: Saulo Fialho

In addition, several reports can be found on Youtube of customers who have already received the Banco Inter black card they won in Inter Week. Check out some of the reports below:

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Photo: YouTube.
Received a black card from Banco Inter
Photo: YouTube.

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Photo: Inter Bank website.