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Residential solar energy can be financed by Caixa Economica

a savings bank Announced a new line of credit to finance solar energy boards, one can finance it. Brazil is going through a period of water disasters, considered the worst in the last 91 years. This is due to the lack of rain to supply power plants.

Therefore, Caixa, in order to build solutions to the cyclical crisis, is investing in a new program.

There is still no specific date for the release of the credit, and the process is believed to begin in 2021.

In addition to financing the purchase of solar panels. A credit line will also be established to install the system in homes.

Caixa claims that the deployment of the solar power system will reduce the monthly electricity amount by about 95%.

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Do you need to pay your electricity bill?

First, the energy bill usually hits homes, despite the installation of solar panels. Therefore, there is a minimum charge for energy costs and general lighting charges.

The fee is charged even if the solar energy produced by the panels is sufficient to maintain the dwelling. Well, it is still included in the power generation and distribution system.

What will differ from solar energy to conventional energy is the amount of the monthly bill which will not be the same. As such, they tend to be cheaper.

Then, although using solar energy is more economical, the value can vary depending on each household’s consumption.

But before making any changes, contact the power company to ask for permission to install.

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Renewable Energy Fund

Caixa Econômica’s renewable energy program will carry an interest rate of 1.17% per month and the repayment period will be 60 months. In addition to a grace period of six months for the first installment.

Caixa states that credit will be offered in two ways: unsecured or with a fixed income financial investment guarantee.

Finally, Caixa has also launched a special line of credit for private entrepreneurs working in the energy and agribusiness sectors.

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