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Australia's skies are getting a pinkish glow and generating curiosity among the residents

Australia’s skies are getting a pinkish glow and generating curiosity among the residents

Pharmaceutical company Cann Group explained that the event occurred because the shutters were forgotten at a cannabis facility.

Play / Facebook / @TammySzumowskiThe pink glow in the Australian skies sparked the curiosity of the locals

A pink glow dominated part of the sky over Mildura, in the state of Victoria, in AustraliaThe residents were surprised to find out the cause of this phenomenon. The case quickly reverberated on social media and the mystery came to light this week. As reported by ABC radio station Mildura Hill, the pharmaceutical Cann Group has made it clear that it is linked to a cannabis facility in the area. According to the company, on the night the record was taken, the blinds were left open, revealing the type of lighting used in its buildings. We can say with confidence that it wasn’t a solar flare or a multi-dimensional portal,” the Kan group wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with The Guardian, the company’s chief executive officer, Reese Cohen, said he explained that cannabis plants require different spectrums of light to stimulate growth. “Red spectrum light is often used. Typically a facility has blackout curtains that go down at night and then block that glare,” Cohen said. The Cann Group CEO added that because of the different wavelengths cooled LEDs have, they make them glow pink. He also mentioned that the shutters that normally shut the place off after sunset, but that wasn’t what happened that day, causing the glare to appear.

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