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attention! The asteroid will pass very close to Earth this week

Last month , Multiverse News He brought an article about the uproar caused by a newly discovered asteroid that was immediately put on the danger list.

However, as shown, all newly discovered asteroids make it into the list of potential dangers. After all, there is little study about its trajectory, other than the fact that any slight chance is a potential risk.

However, the list of potential dangers does not consist of just one asteroid. Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid. In fact, the list contains many celestial bodies, where any chance of influence is taken into account. Even if this chance is one in a million.

So, speaking of the other asteroids on the list, there is one that will pass very close to Earth this week. It is the asteroid classified as “436774 (2012 KY3)”.

It is estimated that the asteroid will pass near Earth sometime this week. Most likely this will happen on Thursday (13).

“436,774 (2012 KY3)”

As you can see from its name, this asteroid was discovered in 2012. Since then, scientists have studied its trajectory and shape, and have estimated that the size of the object is approximately 1,200 meters.

Moreover, its trajectory and possible deviations have already been calculated; It can even be seen through from this site. The site is Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), from NASA, or the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies.

When you access the site, you can find a lot of information not only about “436774 (2012 KY3)”, but also about other celestial bodies. The information shows how far away the object is, as well as the shortest distance between the Earth and the object.

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For those who want to better visualize how close any object will pass on Earth, just click on the View option next to the desired object, and you’ll be able to visualize a manipulated 3D view of the Earth, similar to the Google Earth system, for example.

As for ‘436774 (2012 KY3), we talk a lot about how close it is to Earth, but after all, how much is that? The closest 2012 KY3 will pass to Earth is 4.66 million km.

Although that sounds like a lot, in terms of space, it’s still relatively close. However, as we have already said, the chances of influence are very low.

That is to say, just relax and hopefully try to observe the asteroid in the sky.