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During his stay in Qatar, Paquita had the support of his wife, Doda Fournier, and the couple's children

At the time of the Cup Final, Paqueta finally left Qatar and returned to his homeland

On the day and time of the grand final match of the World Cup in Qatar between France and Argentina, the midfielder, who was eliminated from the competition due to the defeat of the Brazilian national team against Croatia in the quarter-finals, decided to return home after his days continued. In Doha with family. On the Instagram profile of a Paqueta woman, the influencer commented on her husband’s bad mood while waiting for the flight.

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“It’s good that we have a little bit to take. Look at my husband’s animation, it’s good that he’s so patient, he calms me down a lot,” Duda Fournier commented upon checking in Paquita as he sat on the floor at the airport with a serious expression on his face.

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The player’s wife’s comment referred to no fewer than 20 family bags. After more than a month in the city of Doha, enjoying the star’s first days off, the return home is not light. Despite the early elimination from the selection, the player managed to enjoy a few days of rest with his children and with his beloved Duda Fournier which lead to clicks in the game box. Couple on city beaches🇧🇷

During his stay in Qatar, Paquita received the support of his wife, Doda Fournier, and the couple’s children. Photo: Instagram / Instagram

The final between France and Argentina did not stop the Brazilian midfielder, who arrived at the airport around 11 am on Sunday, as the dispute over the World Championship title takes place at 12 am (Brasilia time) at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

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