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"Flamingo fans, we know...";  Iverson leaves blows aside and cites the nation's 'weight' in the Maracanã

“Flamingo fans, we know…”; Iverson leaves blows aside and cites the nation’s ‘weight’ in the Maracanã


Archer gave an interview after the match in the mixed Maracana district

- Iverson
© Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF– Iverson

a flamingo He changed the key in the season and he is now developing a lot. Dorival Junior He succeeded in rescuing the confidence that was lost with Renato Gaucho and especially Paulo Sousa. Mengão played very well against Atlético-MG, qualified and now wants to recover as quickly as possible in the Brazilian Championship.

Mais Querido fans put on a show in Maracanã and many put this victory on his momWho did everything on the field to take the team to glory as it happened. Flamengo is different from everything and everyone, especially when fans buy “Fight”.

In the mixed zone, goalkeeper Iverson He stopped to speak to the press and was asked by a reporter from Rádio Itatiaia, from Minas Gerais, if the atmosphere of the game was getting in the way of athletics. The archer said no, but noted that everyone knows the size of Flamengo’s fans, and even more so at the Maracana, which is a big stadium. This got a lot of attention.

natural environment. Great players who love an environment like this, as we play at home, for the benefit of our fans… When it’s against, we know the Maracana is a big stadium, Flamengo fans know how big it is… So it wasn’t the environment, it was their team that managed to get more ball, and they won second ball a lot from our team, and it ended up making it difficult for us (…)“, opened.

Atletico MG He didn’t hit the goal and that was the main complaint of the fans. Mingao deserved the pass and now he will wait for a draw that will be the opponent in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey.

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