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Arthur and Lena are arguing during the live show break

Arthur and Lena are arguing during the live show break

During the break for the discord game “BBB 22” (TV Globo), There was a disagreement between Arthur Aguiar and Lin da Quebrada. The actor decided to confront Lena after she discussed sister Paolo Andre, who said that the singer had a “simple attitude” in confinement.

Lena said on her tour that Arthur had a negative attitude By resenting its allies for their abdication of leadership. Paulo Andre, in turn, said that he did not like it Lena pointed him to the wall after not expressing her dissatisfaction with the athlete’s interference in his leadership, such as fortifying Arthur and taking out VIPs Islo and Lucas, for example.. Referring to these lines, Arthur decided to confront his sister.

Arthur said, “When you talk about the expectations he creates of you, it’s the same thing you’re making of me. Exactly the same.”

“I wasn’t just talking about expectations, I was talking about attitudes,” Lynn replied.

[Reclamar que] I did not celebrate your leadership are also your expectations for my position. You don’t know all that I feel, all that is inside of me. When you put it as a penny stand, that is your expectation. Arthur Agyar

Lina said that everything that gets talked about in the discord game has to do with each person’s expectations regarding their teammates. “I only brought this up because at no point did I question the Palestinian Authority when he appointed me to command it,” the actress said.

Arthur asked Honesty when asked if the sister would be happy if the situation were to the contrary, his allies relinquished the leadership to a “rival”. “Maybe I wasn’t happy,” replied Lena, “but I still wouldn’t have created a movement, perhaps.”

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“I didn’t create any movement, Lina. There was no movement. […] It’s where you put your words. It’s the same thing I did with DG and tried to wear clothes that didn’t fit. Ali and him and everyone else. That’s the truth,” Myra Cardi’s husband complained.

Natalia tried to interfere in the discussion, but Lena said that the “nonsense” was her and that her friend did not need to answer.

“This game has never been a male-female contest. This argument is so unrealistic that we made it to the top ten with six men and four women. […] There was no such movement, there was never, ”the actor continued.

Gustavo and Douglas endorsed their colleague’s speech, saying that there is nothing in reality It happens to suggest that there is competition between men and women. Lina remained silent.

“Between our group, there was never a conversation about ‘we’ll go after girls.’ It was always between rooms and between groups. So it’s inappropriate. When it happens, not when it doesn’t,” concluded Arthur.

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