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Argue to win?  Experts point out the fatal mistake

Argue to win? Experts point out the fatal mistake

Often times, when we find ourselves in the heat of a discussionWe believe that loading our argument with an arsenal of facts and data is the key to emerging victorious. However, experts like Jonah Berger of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania warn us that this may backfire. According to him, loading the conversation with too much evidence can weaken our point.

Neeru Sivanathan of London Business School explains that by adding less persuasive arguments to the dialogue, we risk weakening our strongest claims. This can make the other person understand less the central point we are trying to make.

Sivanathan advises us: “Less is more”. He suggests that if you have a strong argument, you should be confident in it and present it clearly, rather than trying to impress with a long list of reasons.

So how should we argue?

Berger offers some valuable advice on how to make our arguments more effective. The first is to understand and overcome the resistance of our interlocutors. It is necessary to realize that people value their independence and do not like to be under pressure. “People like to feel like they are in control of their choices and actions,” he points out.

Therefore, the strategy of a persuasive argument is to make the other party feel as if they have reached the conclusion themselves. This means that it is less about the exact content of our words and more about the way we deliver them.

“We think more about the ideas we want to communicate than the words we use,” Berger asserts. He adds that small changes in the way we express our thoughts can have a big impact.

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So when you find yourself trying To persuade Anyone during an argument, know that the quality of your argument can outweigh the quantity. Focusing on a strong main point and presenting it in a way that allows the other person to reach the conclusion themselves can not only make your argument more effective, but also maintain a sense of independence and mutual respect during the discussion.