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Apps that violate your privacy the most: see the list

Apps that violate your privacy the most: see the list

In an increasingly digital scenario, data is being collected across… Applications It is becoming a growing concern.

A recent study delved deep into this universe, identifying the apps that consume and use the most user information.

This comprehensive investigation not only reveals the extent of data collection, but also highlights the urgent need to understand how our personal information is captured and used.

Applications that collect the most personal data from users

Atlas VPN is a digital services platform that provides security and protection Privacy Connected.

The company, known for its VPN (virtual private network) tools, seeks to protect users' privacy, encrypt their communications and allow for safer, more anonymous browsing on the Internet.

In addition, Atlas VPN conducts cybersecurity research and analysis, including studies on data collection by mobile applications, such as in research that has uncovered information about data sharing by applications on mobile devices.

Data collection by mobile applications is a common practice aimed at improving user experience and delivering personalized advertising.

However, a survey conducted by Atlas VPN revealed a worrying panorama: nearly 75% of the apps analyzed share user information with third parties.

This excessive data disclosure raises serious data security and preservation concerns. Privacy of users.

Of the data shared, about 25% of apps send identifiers capable of specifically identifying the device, while 28% pass location information to “external sources,” although the identity of these third parties is not made clear.

This lack of transparency about the destination of this data highlights the importance of stricter oversight of the collection and sharing of personal information.

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In the classification Among the apps with the highest collection rate, eBay takes the lead, followed by Amazon Shopping and Afterpay, as it stands out for the large amount of information it collects from users.

Popular companies such as Alibaba (the parent company of Aliexpress) and Nike are also among the major collectors identified in this study. Discover the full list:

Apps collecting the most data in the US – Image: Atlas VPN/Reproduction