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Expert trick saves up to 60% space on your Android phone

Expert trick saves up to 60% space on your Android phone

a Cell phone memory It's full and you're already worried about the space for the photos you plan to take? So, know that freeing up more space may be easier than you think. Learn how to free up more space on your Android phone without wasting much time.

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There are several ways to clear memory, depending on what you want to free. The first point is to understand whether you need storage space or RAM. The main difference between storage space and RAM is that the former is used to store long-term data while RAM is used to store short-term data.

Free up space on Android

The simple solution to optimize your Android cell phone memory and free up up to 60% space without uninstalling apps is a direct tip from Google Play Store.

Changing the configuration allows you to automatically archive rarely used apps, ensuring faster performance on your device. By activating AutoArchive in the Play Store settings, less frequently used apps are identified and archived, indicated by cloud icons.

These applications remain on the device, retain personal data, and can be easily restored, without having to repeat all the steps that used to take more time.

The idea of ​​using the configuration is to ensure a more efficient process of freeing up space on Android, through the Play Store, with smart memory management. This way, you can provide more space, organization and flexible performance for your cell phone. If you still need to free up more space, check out the following possibilities:

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Free up storage space:

  • Uninstall apps you don't use
  • Clear the apps cache in Settings > Storage > Apps and select the app.
  • Tap “Storage” then “Clear Cache.”
  • Delete large files such as photos, videos, music, etc.
  • Transfer files to the memory card
  • Use the Free Up Space tool found on most Android phones in Settings >
  • Storage Then tap “Free up space”.

Free up RAM:

  • Close open applications
  • Restart your phone to free up resources used by background apps.

Also remember to always update your cell phone's operating system and use Google Photos to store photos and videos in the cloud, which will save more space on your cell phone.