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Apple launches the new iPhone 15;  See colors, prices and news

Apple launches the new iPhone 15; See colors, prices and news

2) Turbo camera

Now, the iPhone 15 allows three basic zoom formats – this is the first time Apple has brought this functionality to a mobile phone with only two rear cameras. Moreover, the camera has a sensor that captures 48-megapixel images, which promises to create images with greater quality and detail. Apple used this lens for the first time in the Pro line that was launched last year with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

When the environment is in low light, the cameras will also perform better than the previous generation, capturing more details and maintaining quality even if they have to record different skin tones.

On the iPhone 15 Pro, Night mode captures more colors and details. Optical zoom is five times stronger than the previous generation. The main camera allows users to switch between three different lenses, 24mm, 28mm and 35mm.

For all iPhone 15 devices, Apple is also promising a new generation of Portrait Mode. Without users enabling this mode, iPhone will take photos that display more vibrant colors and a blurrier background. This will happen because when the cell phone detects a person in the foreground, it automatically activates the background blur. It will be up to the user to choose whether they want the normal photo or in portrait mode, but only after the photo has been registered.

3) USB-C port

All mobile phones in the iPhone 15 family will be sold with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port.

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