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Apple announces “Lost Mode” in iOS 17.3 update;  Learn how to activate

Apple announces “Lost Mode” in iOS 17.3 update; Learn how to activate

Hey iOS 17.3which was launched recently apple, brings with it a new layer of security called “Stolen Device Protection.” This feature is intended to make accessing important iPhone settings difficult in cases of theft.

When Stolen Device Protection is turned on, certain actions, like wiping data from your phone, changing your Apple ID password, and changing faces registered with Face ID, are restricted.

Apple announces an update that prevents loss of personal data – Image: Reproduction

In some cases, you may need to wait up to an hour before you can make the desired changes.

Stolen Device Protection was introduced during iOS 17.3 beta, came on the scene in December 2023, and is now available for all devices. Users.

Learn how to activate Lost Mode

Modernity comes as a response to a common type of crime in we: Criminals notice victims entering their passwords on iPhones in crowded places and wait for the right moment to steal them.

After the theft, criminals change the Apple ID password and disable location tracking. By accessing saved passwords, they can access emails and bank accounts, for example.

Thus, Apple announced the news to ensure greater security for users.

Follow these step by step to activate the new feature:

  1. Access iPhone settings.
  2. Go to “Face ID & Code”.
  3. Enable the “Stolen Device Protection” option.

From that point on, the iPhone will need additional confirmations to make changes to sensitive settings, especially when outside of previously known locations, such as the user's home or workplace.

The update arrived by dividing sensitive settings into two groups, each with distinct levels protection.

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In the first group, whose changes require biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID), they are:

  • Use saved passwords or passkeys on iOS;
  • Use saved payment methods in Safari;
  • Deactivate “Lost Mode”;
  • Deletion of content and modifications;
  • Use iPhone to configure a new device;
  • Access certain features related to Apple Card, Apple Cash, and your savings account, available in the United States only.

The second group has an additional layer of protection called “security delay.”

In this case, each modification requires a biometric confirmation, followed by an hour wait, and finally another biometric confirmation.

In this second group they are:

  • Change your Apple ID password;
  • Close your Apple ID session;
  • Update Apple ID security settings;
  • Add or remove Biometric authentication;
  • Change your iPhone password;
  • Reset all settings;
  • Disable the search feature;
  • Disable the stolen device protection itself.