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Apple and Samsung are preparing to launch smart rings;  See details

Apple and Samsung are preparing to launch smart rings; See details

A newly filed patent indicates this Apple may be closer to launching its line of Smart Rings. According to the documents, the wearable will offer similar functions to some found in the brand’s watches, such as notification alerts.

The record comes shortly after the news that Samsung will develop a similar device. The South Korean giant has already started the first tests of the product, which may be called “Koryo”, according to the trademark registered by the company with the UK Intellectual Property Office on Tuesday (22).

Here we collect the most important information available so far about these smart rings.

Apple smart ring

Patent showing the sensors found in the Apple Smart Loop.source: US Patent and Trademark Office/Reproduction

Apple’s new smart ring patent provides some clues as to what wearables can do, c.How to connect to a wide range of devices, from smartwatches to cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, tablets, and computers. Pairing will allow you to control such devices with circular taps, for example.

The Cupertino giant described them as “discreet everyday communication devices” in the document sent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Loops should bring tactile feedback, Vibrates when receiving an alert or activating functions. This sensor is housed in a “jewel” at the top, which also hides the processor.

The Apple Ring, as it’s unofficially called, will also be able to interact with virtual reality devices, according to the company. Apple from the inside, without the need for a controller. Health monitoring features are another potential addition to the wearable, which looks like a traditional ring.

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Samsung smart ring

He must focus The Galaxy Ring should focus on tracking fitness and health.source: Getty Images / Reproduction

turn Samsung Galaxy ring, which is also an unofficial name, and seems to consist of a device that focuses more on tracking fitness and health conditions – heart rate, sleep, etc. In this way, it would be an option more similar to Oura Ring, whose monitored data is displayed on a cell phone.

But that doesn’t mean that future Samsung wearables don’t have similar functionality to those speculated in the Apple model, such as vibration notification alerts. according to SamMobile, The device is in an advanced stage of development and may begin mass production later this year.

Because the smart ring needs to obtain health tracking certificates, It will likely only be released in 2024According to rumors, with the possibility that it will be called “Koryo”, as previously reported. Apple’s model is also expected next year.