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This simple modification to WhatsApp frees up to 50% of the space it occupies

This simple modification to WhatsApp frees up to 50% of the space it occupies

Storage notifications that often appear on mobile devices are a headache for many users, especially those with a basic or average cell phone. Nowadays, consumers like to capture videos and photos almost every moment; However, the available space on smartphones often fails to meet this demand.

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The good news is that it is possible to solve this problem with a simple change applied to WhatsApp, Brazilians’ favorite messaging application. The messenger may be one of the main responsible for always storing your cell phone at maximum capacity.

By implementing this change, a large portion of your smartphone’s space can be freed up. paying off!

How to free up space on your phone in a few clicks

According to the information disclosed, WhatsApp, a to request Widely used among Brazilians, it’s a quick fix for communications, but it has a system that practically eats up cell phone memory. This is because the program has the function of saving all received media in its gallery.

With a simple modification, the problem is solved, thus bringing more ease to users’ digital lives. The mechanism in question that can return space to your smartphone is Media Vision. The option can be found in the messenger settings. Did you take a look?

In this field, the user must search for “conversations”, then click on the aforementioned function and deactivate it. Remember that this process is valid for Android. Already on iOS, some nuances are shown step by step.

Those who have an iPhone should also have access to settings from the app. Next, you have to go to Conversations and then deactivate the feature by tapping on Save to Photos.

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An important point about editing is that doing this process does not mean that photos and videos will be blocked. They will remain in the application and can even be seen on the platform, but if you do not want to lose them, it is important to save them, so that they are included in your gallery. Thanks to this simple management, the user gets more space and won’t have to worry about annoying notifications coming from them storage crowded.