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Antonio Banderas confirms his presence in the final

Antonio Banderas confirms his presence in the final

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will confirm his presence in the final of Dança dos Famosos, on Domingão com Huck, on July 7.

Antonio Banderas will be in the final of Dança dos Famosos

Dança dos Famosos 2024 will welcome a global star to its finals: Antonio Banderas. The Oscar-nominated Spanish actor will be on stage in “Sunday with Hack“on July 7 to be a judge on the show.

Antonio Banderas will be in the final of Dança dos Famosos – Photo: Instagram @antoniobanderas

The confirmation came after weeks of anticipation, created by broadcaster Luciano Huck himself, who promised Bringing the star to Brazil To participate in the grand final of the classic “Domingo” show.

In addition to Antonio Banderas, he will attend the final Fatima Bernardswho was initially invited to dance the tango with the actor, but chose the bolero. It is not yet certain whether Banderas will accept the dance, but his presence is already generating great anticipation among fans of the show.

The newspaper O Globo first published information about the participation of Antonio Banderas. Participants who have reached the final stage of the schedule are already preparing for the big decision, which promises to be one of the most exciting of the year.

Fatima Bernardes Challenge

The Fatima Bernardes Challenge was launched in May, After remembering Huck How Fatima encouraged him to dance with her daughter Eva Haack during her first edition as head of the dance competition.

“On June 7th there will be the Dança dos Famosos final. So there is time. I thought, who can I invite to dance with Fátima Bernardes? Antonio Banderas.”announced the announcer.

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Fatima asked, looking surprised Another kind of dance. “Couldn’t it be a bolero?”– asked the journalist. Huck, who was always in a good mood, answered: “Yes, you can, we will call Banderas and see what he thinks. Now turn around and have him here.”Comment.

What does the web say?

Netizens comment on Antonio Banderas’ confirmation in Dança dos Famosos – Image: Twitter

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