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Anna Hickman's son is suing the broadcaster and record label

Anna Hickman's son is suing the broadcaster and record label

Alexandre Correa's lawyers announced legal action while 9-year-old Alzenio filed a lawsuit against his mother and the broadcaster

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247 – The legal battle between businessman Alexandre Correa and broadcaster Anna Hickman takes a new chapter, this time with a surprising element: the former couple's son, Alzinho, who is only 9 years old, is suing his mother and the broadcaster she works for. The controversy took on public dimensions after Correa's lawyers announced the decision to take action against Record and Anna Hickman, highlighting capital Cities.

The businessman's defense detailed the accusations and claimed that the interview given by the presenter of the “Domingo Espetacular” program would have already incriminated his client before society, even before he was officially cited by the police. The lawyer said that the media exposure damaged Correa's image and left him financially destitute and unable to bear the legal costs of his defense.

The lawyer also stated that the couple's son, Alzinho, and Alexander were victims of parental alienation, while demanding compensation for moral and material damages.

Anna Hickman's defense, in turn, issued a statement rejecting Correa's accusations of tampering. The statement claimed that the businessman was adopting unethical behavior to harm the broadcaster, noting that the judiciary had previously denied previous attempts at parental alienation. Hickman lamented the way her ex-husband manipulated her son for his own benefit.

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