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Anita is very critical of the government on her social networks

Anita is very critical of the government on her social networks

Anita (Photo: clone/Instagram)

the singer Anita They used their social networks to harshly criticize the president’s government Jair Messias Bolsonaro. In her official account on Twitter Tuesday (10), the owner of the hit said girl from rio He was not satisfied with the situation in the country.

The country is deteriorating in high prices, unemployment and deaths…and the president is wasting people’s time printing clown ballot papers…I started someone needing to fax or alert on what they really need in Brazil.”

She continued, “It sounds like a joke… The man whose marketing and election campaign is all based on the internet, fake news and bot technology, now wants people to vote in the papers.”


Military parade review

In the sequence, the artist scolded the president’s military parade on Tuesday (10). To show the Brazilian armed forces: “Even my school principal has called off the flag platoon parade when it rains or some other obstacle. The guy who ends up in the country doing a parade…Look…I’ll tell you, look. Imagine other heads of state feeling the shame of others,” she said.

bad international relationship

In another post, I talked about tourism and explained to the masses the obstacles a bad international relationship: “International tourism is practically disappearing in Brazil. The currency is not transferred from outside to inside except internally or from inside to outside … and thus the country does not grow economically. “We feel poor, we lose jobs, we raise the prices of everything…but the supply goes on,” she said.

And do not think that having a good relationship with other countries affects only the lives of the rich. No no! A country with good international relations gets many opportunities for opportunities that are felt by the whole community. She said, that she continued to criticize the government. “And that’s what Bolsonaro does more and more every day. He took the image of our country and threw it into the sewers. No other country wants to establish relations with Brazil at the moment. We are cut off from the world. All thanks to this activist who only looks at his navel “,

“For Brazil. He wants to know how to be strong here. These low-level fights between politicians here…I think it makes no difference to be on good terms with other countries. Think of the basics. So what happens? He concluded by saying, “We are losing foreign investment in our companies.”

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