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Analysis: Atlético MG win without conceding a goal in a match in which Corinthians stayed on the ropes |  Athlete- mg

Analysis: Atlético MG win without conceding a goal in a match in which Corinthians stayed on the ropes | Athlete- mg

Statistics don’t lie and help you understand the history of each game. in Atlético MG x Corinthians, the 2-0 win was a reversal of a dominant game by Gallo in the first leg of the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil at the Mineirão. 75% possession of the ball made the team take little risks, building victory at Paulinho’s feet.

Corinthians 0 x 2 Atlético-MG – Best Moments – Round of 16, Copa Brazil 2023

Midfielder Edinelsson left the game, after entering the final stretch, saying it was cheap for Timão. I did not exaggerate. Paulinho himself, between the first and second goals, had a clear header chance on Pavon’s beautiful cross. The Argentine is even the protagonist of the Atlético moment.

Chaco repeated the squad that won the international tournament in Brazil, with the same result, with a logical change: Hulk in Vargas’ place. The beginning of the match was very focused on the right side of the attack, where Pavon was a nightmare for Fabio Santos.

Atlético-MG players celebrate the victory over Corinthians – Photo: Gilson Junio/AGIF

Luxa said at the conference that it was a strategy believed to be staying behind, keeping score, and surviving for game two. It worked in the first half, as Atlético struggled to create clear goal-scoring chances. However, crosses entered the final stage.

It is also interesting to note a clear evolution in the games of Matias Zaracho, who played another role in Codette’s scheme, the all-time striking midfield drive in the field of attack, recovering fast balls, with Battaglia, header in the area, much closer to the half-moon offensive from the field itself.

That’s three consecutive victories and defensive solidity. Not taking goals is key. And last year knows that. Also in the round of 16, and against Flamengo in 2022, Atlético played a great match in the first leg, but conceded a goal in the end (2 x 1), and was eliminated in the Maracanã. There will be 14 days until the second leg at NeoQuímica Arena. Corinthians from Vanderlei Luxemburgo did not win, they are in crisis, and the fans will be in favor of them.

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