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Brazil Cup: Gremio and Cruzeiro tied in a match of goals

Brazil Cup: Gremio and Cruzeiro tied in a match of goals

Grimjo and Cruzeiro drew to a tense match in the Brazil Cup (Photo: Staff Images/Cruzeiro)

On a night of great goals, Gremio and Cruzeiro drew 1-1 on Wednesday (17th), in the first leg of the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Bruno Rodriguez opened the scoring in the first half and Luis Suarez equalized in the final stage at Arena do Grêmio, in Porto Alegre.

After Cruzeiro started the first half better, Grêmio leveled the action with the participation of their star player, but the visitors got a kick from Bruno Rodriguez to open the scoring. In the second half Cruzeiro was better again. However, Luis Suarez’s brilliance helped Grêmio equalise.

data sheet

GRAMIO 1 x 1 cruise

Game history: May 17, 2023, Wed

time: 7:30 PM (Brasilia time)

Duration: 100 minutes (49 + 51)

local: Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre

general: 29,665 gifts (27,522 payments)

Enter: 1,584,033.00 Brazilian reals

a race: Copa de Brazil (Round of 16 – First leg)

to rule: Rafael Klaus (FIFA / Sao Paulo)

Assistants: Fabrini Bevilacqua Costa (FIFA/Sao Paulo) and Daniel Paolo Zioli (Sao Paulo)

Video Assistant Referee: Wagner Narrator (FIFA / Paraiba)

Yellow cards: Fabio, Kahneman, Rinaldo (Gremio), Ramiro, Wesley (Cruzeiro)

Objectives: Bruno Rodriguez (s 8/1, 0-1) Luis Suarez (s 2/22, 1-1)

Association: Gabriel Chapeco, Fabio (Nathan, in 2/28Q), Bruno Alves, Kahneman, Rinaldo; Villasante, Pepe (Carballo, at 1/12Q); Betillo, Cristaldo (Everton Galdino, at 2/28Q), Fina (Zinho, at 2/14Q); Suarez. Technician: Renato Portaluppi.

Sea trip: Raphael, William, Oliveira, Luciano Castan, Marlon; Wallisson (Machado, at 2/22T), Neto Moura (Nicau, at 2/44T), Ramiro (Mathios Joshua, at 2/44T), Wesley (Stênio, at 2/38T), Gilberto (Henrique Dourado, at 2/44T). 21T), Bruno Rodrigues. Technician: Peppa.

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Grêmio x Cruzeiro: Important goals and moves

Cruzeiro opened the scoring in the eighth minute. Neto burst from the defense and Bruno Rodriguez scored in the chest and had space before hitting a beautiful shot into the corner. Five minutes later, Rafael was asked to kick Petillo from close range. Shortly afterwards, the Cruzeiro goalkeeper became a fan of the team. Suarez controlled the area, attempted a shot and ended up hitting the crossbar.

Suarez scared the ball away again on the 34th, when he took it first after he left and sent it off the crossbar. Already in additions, Cruzeiro has grown again. In the 46th, Wesley demanded a good defense from Gabriel. A minute later, the fox almost got up. Gabriel was unable to intercept the launch and Bruno Rodriguez volleyed the ball against the goal. But the number 9 tried to clear Kahneman and the defender pushed him away.

The visitors were also better at the start of the second half and the main arrival came at the age of 25, when Dorado found William and the side bumped the ball to the outside. But that all changed eight minutes later with a touch of genius. Suarez received it on the edge of the area and tapped the corner with three fingers.

Grêmio next matches

Grêmio x Internacional, for Brasileirão, in Porto Alegre (Arena) – May 21 (Sunday), 6:30pm (Brasilian time).

Athletico-PR x Grêmio, for Brazil, in Curitiba – May 27 (Saturday), 4pm (Brasilia time).

Cruzeiro next matches

Cruzeiro x Cuiaba, for Brazil, in Belo Horizonte – May 22 (Monday), 8pm (Brasilia time).

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Flamengo x Cruzeiro, from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – May 27 (Saturday), 6:30 PM (Brasilia time).