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An unofficial source says the new Xbox will arrive in 2026

An unofficial source says the new Xbox will arrive in 2026

Microsoft Gaming is working on a new console and after FTC documents showed the company working on several hardware projects, we now have several unofficial sources saying that plans have changed and the company is following a slightly different path.

According to “Kepler_L2”, an unofficial source gaining popularity due to his revelations, Microsoft is working on a powerful new console and the plan is to bring it to stores in 2026, which is much sooner than many might think. .

Jeff Grubb, another well-known unofficial source, says he was informed by his sources of Microsoft Gaming’s current plans and that he heard the same thing that “Kepler_L2” reveals: Microsoft is preparing its next console to launch in two years, and it won’t arrive until late 2027. Or 2028, even before Elder Scrolls 6.

Moreover, both sources comment that Microsoft Gaming will not launch the digital Xbox Series At the moment, there are still doubts about whether this car is a new generation or a more powerful machine than the current generation.

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