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An unexpected announcement of PIX made today (04/16) surprises thousands of Brazilians

An unexpected announcement of PIX made today (04/16) surprises thousands of Brazilians

Brazilian citizens are Surprised With the new change in the electronic payment method, the pix premiums. in this subject Just left today, you can see that the federal government has been looking at ways to make their system easier to use. a Central Bank (BC) It is also part of the initiative that should enable users to implement it Installments with the tool.

However, this option is already offered by fintechs, which provide innovative financial services through the use of digital technology. However, there is no predetermined standard for this type of operation, which should change with the new measures set by the government.

Likewise, the Ministry of Finance states that some questions still need to be clarified about the new payment method that includes pix. Subsequently, the new tool should be available to the entire population of Brazil. The federal government must discuss the matter before making a decision.

This way, Minister Fernando Smithwith the President of British Columbia, Roberto Campos Neto, to discuss the changes they would make pix in installments. According to him, the changes that his ministry and the Central Bank will make to electronic payment methods will bring many benefits to the country.

pix in installments

The user who is using the file pix Premiums on your purchases will be deducted directly from your account. At first, the tool looks like a Credit card. However, there are interest charges that need to be considered by users of the new method put in place by the federal government.

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It is worth noting that users must use the electronic payment system, pix in installments, very carefully. This is due to the fact that paying for products and services in installments can come with high interest rates, which can make users end up falling into debt.

Therefore, you need to monitor this issue and organize yourself financially.

How to use Pix in installments

Users who want to make Pix in installments should act as follows: First, access the application of the financial institution that offers this payment method. Next, you need to select the ‘Pay with Pix’ option. Finally, it is necessary to choose the type of payment key.

Regarding the type of key for Pix in installments, the user can choose between email, cell phone, CPF, or even a random key. Then select the “Install” option. In the event that the user is sure that all the information is correct, he must confirm the transaction.

Lula and the current president of BRICS, Dilma. Photo: Ricardo Stockert

Therefore, Pix works in installments to pay for any product or service in various companies and organizations. However, the institution, or trade, must permit this method. The total amount paid by the user of the online system will include the fee charged by the financial institution selected for the transaction.

However, the government has not yet set a specific date for the implementation of Pix in uniform instalments, according to a predetermined pattern. It is expected that the new electronic payment method will greatly facilitate financial operations, which will increase the practicality of all operations.

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Brazilian citizens who are already accustomed to Pix will have more ease in their transactions in the new way, as they can pay in installments for various products and services. It should be noted that, like all types of credit, interest rates are charged, so it is necessary to use it safely.

Moreover, the pix It was a great success. The electronic payment method has broken records in its use. Last week, on April 6, the tool crossed the 120 million transaction mark in just 24 hours. Even with multiple users, the system worked properly all day.

In short, the previous record was set on December 20 last year, with 104.1 million financial transactions. On this day, the deadline for paying the second installment of the birthday bonus has expired. Pix has acquired an important share in various economic sectors of society.

In conclusion, the government created Pix in November 2020. It currently has around 146.4 million users. Of this total, 134.8 million are individuals and 11.6 million are legal entities. In September 2022, the system crossed the mark of one trillion financial transactions in one month.