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Municipal Network students receive a scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Municipal Network students receive a scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Henrique Pacheco Moreira, along with his brother, during the certification ceremony for the Brazilian Cosmonauts and Astronauts Olympiads (OBA), with the Mayor and Minister of Education in 2021

The Secretary of the Municipality of Nova Venecia was informed, last week, by the coordination of the Olympic Mentoring Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations / National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (MCTI) / CNPq) that two students from the municipal school obtained the system, which participated in the 2020 Brazilian Olympiad for science Astronomers and Astronauts (OBA), on the CNPq/MCTI Junior Science Initiation Scholarship from Auxílio Brasil.

The two students who received the scholarship are students from EMEIEF Francisco Secchin, a rural school in the municipality, and residents of Cristalina, Rodrigo Bressale Padovan and Henrique Pacheco Moreira, who are currently attending high school.

For the Minister of Education, the stimulus through the grant fulfills the wishes of the Rural Education Portfolio, “We work tirelessly to promote education in this way. Celebrate the teacher financial support for the talents of rural youth to ensure improvements to communities, and bringing science, knowledge and information generates transformation.”

The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students (medal winners) in academic and scientific competitions (Olympiads), of national scope, with the support of MCTI. It is important to note that only students from families registered in the Auxílio Brasil program are eligible for benefits. The scholarship is payable in 12 monthly installments in the amount of R$100 per student; And in one other installment in the amount of 1,000 Brazilian riyals for the student’s family.

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq/MCTI), an agency associated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, started paying at the end of December/2021. In total, 2,392 students benefited from 26 states in the country.

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The programme, in addition to contributing to many aspects related to the importance of science teaching, promotion and popularization, also addresses the opportunity for social mobility when it financially rewards the efforts of outstanding students, and values ​​those who dedicate themselves to study as a means of social advancement.

The proposal is also in line with the strategic objectives of the Federal Government, through the MCTI, which seeks to disseminate and enhance the teaching of science through education, and to encourage science-related topics and events and scientific and technological research in basic, technical, and professional education.

A student who has been awarded a scholarship for the CNPq/MCTI Science Junior Scholarship Program from Auxílio Brasil necessarily needs to participate in the MCTI/CNPq Olympic Mentoring Program.

The program consists of monthly academic assignments, of a mandatory nature, which must be completed throughout the year and submitted by the student, if the student does not perform some of the indicated assignments, he may leave the MCTI/CNPq Mentoring program and fail to do so. Receive the grant.

Student Rodrigo explained how he received the news about the scholarship “It was a surprise, because she referred to Oba 2020. My 9th grade science teacher called me, she received an email saying that a colleague and I had been thought of. Activities are developing well and it is very interesting to participate in the mentorship and to reach This learning,” he explained.

Rodrigo Bressale Padovan has also been awarded the CNPq/MCTI Beginners Science Initiation Scholarship from Auxílio Brasil.

Communications Office of the Municipality of Nova Venezia