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Alpine announces that Ocon will not renew Ocon’s contract for 2025

Alpine announces that Ocon will not renew Ocon’s contract for 2025

This is the third time the 27-year-old Frenchman has stolen headlines in recent days. Firstly, because of the collision with Gasly and Vamine reacting angrily, leading to a rumor that he is in danger of not competing in the next race, in Canada, this weekend.

The pilot then responded by using his social media to complain about the attacks he received on social media.

“I have been deeply saddened by the amount of abuse and negativity I have received online regarding my character, my riding and my career. I have always been a strong competitor, and like most drivers, I have had my share of accidents,” he admitted.

“Of course I made mistakes. We are not robots; we are athletes who do our best every day to achieve our dreams of winning races. Formula 1 is a sport where emotions are intense and emotions are deep.”

In the message, in which he also explains that it is normal to compete on the track with your partner because they walk close to each other with equal equipment, he confirmed his presence in Montreal, but did not mention anything about a future.

Now, another driver is free to negotiate much earlier in the year than usual. At Alpine, the list of possibilities is long and is also linked to commercial partnerships with a team suffering from instability and also from being the only one using a Renault engine, which has never been able to compete in the hybrid era.