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Almost no one has finished Hellblade 2 on Xbox

Almost no one has finished Hellblade 2 on Xbox

According to data on global Xbox achievements, provided by Xbox Achievements Data, about 90% of players who played Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II did not complete the game’s story. Although it has a relatively short seven-hour duration (it can be completed in under 6 hours), the End the Tyranny achievement, which is unlocked after completing the final chapter, has yet to be achieved by 87% of Xbox players. This low completion rate is somewhat surprising, given the game’s short duration and minimal progression.

In terms of comparison, the completion rate on Steam is slightly higher, with 37% of players unlocking the End the Tyranny achievement. Analyze data more deeply Xbox achievements dataApparently, only 52% of Xbox players made it past the first boss, as indicated by The Next Sign achievement. This boss encounter occurs about 30 minutes into the game.

There are several factors that can explain this situation. The accessibility provided by Xbox Game Pass allows players to experience the game with minimal financial commitment, which can lead to high abandonment rates. Additionally, the game’s dark and intense themes, especially in the opening chapter, may deter players who aren’t in the mood for its heavy narrative.

Although it’s clear that Hellblade 2 may not please everyone, the low completion rate is still disappointing.

In our analysis of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II: “Hellblade II is a fantastic piece of technology with some elements added to it that allow the player to interact with the presentation. It appeals to those who enjoy these experiences, but prefer control, challenge and doing things in different ways and even if you try other options for progression, you won’t find any From that here.”