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All the tips for having the perfect artisan burger

Who knows this complete artisanal hamburger recipe, from making burgers, mayonnaise and caramelized onions, to how to make crunchy bacon, Felipe Andrade, from Janella Barr.

You will need:

1 brioche bread
140 Grams burger (with your choice of mix)
Two slices of cheddar cheese, cooked
Two slices of bacon
1 whole onion caramelized
Handmade mayonnaise
Salt, to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Let’s start with the pre-preparations for our homemade hamburger!

Beef burger
For this recipe we will use 140g hamburger. But what meat should I use? When it comes to traditional, longer hamburger like this, it’s important to always maintain the right fat-to-meat ratio – around 20% fat. There are several combinations of cuts of meat that are perfect choices for savory and juicy hamburger: duck, sirloin, ribs, beef breast and neck. You can mix two types, half and half, such as duck and wing steak. Always combine with a piece of meat with lard, which can be a breast, rib, or even bacon.

Good mayonnaise makes all the difference in a literal hamburger. I will teach you a recipe for mayonnaise prepared in a blender!

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Hamburguer by Janela Bar Photo: Disclosure.

Handmade mayonnaise for hamburger – Philip Andrade

2 whole eggs
500 ml of soybean oil
1 small garlic clove
Onions (+ -30g)
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
5 ml of vinegar (1 teaspoon)
Juice of half a lemon medium
Salt and black pepper to taste

Preparation mode
Place the eggs in the blender, beat on low speed and pour 250ml of soybean oil onto the wire, until the mayonnaise has a little consistency (thickens).
Add chopped garlic, onion, mustard, vinegar and lemon.
Beat all ingredients again while adding the remaining 250 ml of oil.
When the mayonnaise is close to the desired consistency, add salt and pepper to taste. Finish to mix the spices well.

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Or bacon

A simple way to make bacon extra crunchy without having to make a mess in the kitchen is to fry it in the microwave.

How to make caramelized onions

Caramelized onions add a special touch to hamburger! Many people believe that in order to caramelize onions, it is necessary to add sugar, soy sauce or additional ingredients in the preparation. However, onions do contain 5% sugar in their formula, which makes caramelization happen naturally using its own sugar base, leaving a natural and consistent taste to the recipe.

Now that you have your hamburger attachments prepared, let’s get ready!

Starting with bread

For this recipe, we recommend the brioche bread that combines with caramelized onions, but you can substitute it for your favorite.

Before we start preparing the meat, let’s ground the bread! This process is very important, as it helps to create a crust that prevents the meat juice from dripping and penetrating the bread, leaving it tender, in addition to adding the taste of butter.

Now, time for the meat!

The secret of the meat is the temperature of the pan or dish! Before adding the hamburger, heat the skillet over a high heat until it becomes very hot. This will help with the cooking time, as well as create a crust full of flavor. A burger in a low-heat frying pan will not bring the look we want to our burgers.

Heat the pan, add a little oil or butter to it and add the meat, five minutes on one side and two minutes on the other side. This is the average time a hamburger takes to be deficient, the pink color is halved, however, the cooking time may vary depending on the temperature of the pan. Take 70% of the time to one side and the rest to finish, turning the meat over once.

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For seasonings, we suggest salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste, and add the moment the meat has gone to the pan and on one side.

Just before removing the meat from the plate, add the cheese! For this recipe we suggest two slices of cooked cheddar cheese. Add the slices over the meat, then soak the pan with a lid so that the cheese melts better. There, it’s time to remove the flesh!

One tip is to leave the meat out of the skillet before putting it on the bread for about a minute. This will stabilize the meat’s juice and not drain at the time of the bite, making it more juicy.

Time to put together hamburgers!
Pass literal mayonnaise on both sides of the bread, add the meat with melted cheese, crunchy bacon, finish with caramelized onions, then close and taste!