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Air chaos in Europe: lost bags

Air chaos in Europe: lost bags

It seems that the air chaos unfolding in Europe is far from over. Even with the actions taken by companies, countries and airports, several Delays, cancellations and other inconvenience to passengers.

One of the main problems we face today is the loss of luggage. In one of the most critical moments, Thousands of bags have been filled Without returning to their owners at Heathrow Airport in London (England).

Delta Air Lines even sent a plane plane without passengers To the airport to pick up about a thousand lost bags and return them to the United States.

One of the people who has traveled to the continent and has not had their bags returned to this day is publicist Ewerton Oliveira. On June 28, he made a flight back to Brazil, departing from London with a connection to Amsterdam (Netherlands), when his luggage got lost and was not returned until the completion of this text.

“[A comunicação com a empresa] was bad. The information on the site is insufficient, the system is awful, and you have to keep searching inside the site where you have to go to find things. When connected, the wait is never less than 20 or 25 minutes and the information is always mismatched,” says the publicist.

Oliveira says the compensation process will start now, but the company will continue to search for his bags for another 45 days. During this period, he had to bear several costs, including clothing.

“Now I have to appreciate things in an emotional sense, things that I bought a long time ago and no longer exist, new things I bought on the trip, among other things,” says Oliveira, who says he will seek justice to secure his rights.

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What do I do?

According to Léo Rosenbaum, a lawyer who specializes in Air Passengers Rightpeople who have been on flights departing from Brazil must seek their rights based on Anac resolution 400 (National Civil Aviation Agency). They include compensation for this and other types of situations, such as flight delays or cancellations.

“For a passenger who has left Brazil, whether in a Brazilian or foreign company, the applicable rule is Anac Resolution 400. In the event of a loss, companies must provide support within the first 48 hours, at least, showing essential products, such as hygiene kits, For example,” says Rosenbaum.

As soon as the loss is discovered, the passenger must notify the airline. This is the first step, and if it doesn’t work, Anac or Justice can still be sought.

Baggage must be returned to the location specified by the customer within 21 days in the case of international flights. If this does not happen, the company must compensate the passenger with an amount of up to R$ 8,275.83.

If the baggage has values ​​greater than this amount, the passenger must file a declaration with the company to protect his right and receive the equivalent of what he has already lost.

This limit was established by the Warsaw Convention, which Brazil is a signatory to. It is limited to material losses, not processing moral damages, which can be discussed separately in court.

In either case, companies must provide assistance to passengers, especially if it is a one-way trip, when the traveler is away from home and with fewer support resources.

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If the flight takes place within Europe without Brazil as a destination or origin and not a connection, the passenger must seek the airline and the regulatory authorities in each country to fulfill their right. The regulation applicable in the countries of the European Union is Regulation 261/2004.

click over here For step-by-step guidance on complaints regarding flights departing from Brazil.

click over here For complaints relating to flights within the European Union.

Celebrities also complain

Many Brazilian celebrities also complain about problems with flights in Europe. Influencer Dora Figueiredo lost part of her luggage on a trip to the continent and reported UOL The situation he witnessed in the region.

says Dora, who was traveling from Paris (France) to Madrid (Spain).

To get the bags back, the influencer called her lawyer who contacted the insurance company and airline. “We kept looking to see if the bag would be found and gone, but we couldn’t talk to the company. I could only find out when the bag would arrive through the lawyer. If it were me alone, it would have been,” said Dora, who stayed without baggage for two days, said Dora. She said:

In early July, singer Gilberto Gil complained about losing musical instruments to a show in Berlin (Germany). The show was made with rented equipment and the next day the luggage was retrieved.

At the end of June, luggage with the singer’s costumes Anita ready to display in rock in rio Lisbon is lost. She was found the day before the show, which happened on the 26th.

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“The airline couldn’t find it,” he said in a video at the time. “I don’t know how they can’t find a huge bag full of tapes and IDs.”