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The Mining City celebrates the Queen's Letter from the United Kingdom

Mining town celebrates a message from the Queen of the United Kingdom

Most talked about in the streets and squares of Joo Pinheiro, northwest of Minas, is a letter sent by the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, to first-year high school students at Colgio Darclia Coimbra.

The content is grateful to congratulate the 30 students on 70 years of rule and the desire to take back the King who was diagnosed last February with COVID-19.

The letter, written on cardstock, accompanied by a portrait of Elizabeth II and sealed with the royal seal, arrived at the school’s address on May 23 and was signed by Mary Morrison – Lady Waiting.

Philosophy professor Marlon Melgau, 29, who has been teaching at the school for a year, said the idea of ​​sending the letter was proposed while studying basic concepts of government systems. “We studied the monarchy, the British Parliament and the presidential system. Many students watched a TV series about the backstage of Elizabeth II and were very excited. So it became multidisciplinary, including teaching content for Portuguese and English.”

The most interesting thing, according to the professor, was that the answer was directed to the students: “They cared about this, and thought that they used public money to respond to a group outside the Commonwealth community (an association to which the kingdom and most of its former colonies maintain relations of cooperation).

First-year high school students celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s response (Photo: Publicity/Professor Marlon Melgau)

According to Melgau, there was a huge fallout in the city, “After all, there are not many queens all over the world and the royal response has caused some kind of anger among the whole school community and families.”

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“The Queen would like to write to you and thank you for the letter you sent to Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen was happy to hear from you, and although she cannot answer you personally, Her Majesty greatly appreciates the good things you have said.

I must thank you once again for the Queen’s letter of good wishes this year of her platinum jubilee.” – Mary Morrison – A Lady in Waiting.