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After the rent was delayed, the British Crown sued Musk’s Twitter

Twitter is going through difficult times since its acquisition Elon MuskIt is not news to anyone. The latter situation involving the company is somewhat unusual and totally unexpected. This time, the body responsible for the assets of the British monarchy, The Crown Estate, has filed a lawsuit against Twitter.

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The lawsuit was motivated by failure to pay rents for its headquarters in London, England. This was announced tuesday 24. It is worth noting that the billionaire and CEO of Tesla She acquired Twitter for $44 billion, which is very high value and able to pay much more than the rent for the property she occupies.

The place is located in the Air W1 compound of the British royal family. This is exactly why The Crown Estate is involved with the group. to me The Daily Telegraphthe company logo has already been removed from the building, but the employee ensures that the company is still installed there.

After all, why didn’t Twitter pay the rent?

Since Musk acquired the company, there have been many changes. Among them is the businessman’s action to fire half of the social network’s employees. As if that weren’t enough, he has been accused of failing to pay rent for several Twitter offices around the world.

owner SpaceX He claims his goal has always been to save money, as announced by the American press, but the decision not to pay rent has already led to several lawsuits for the CEO.

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In terms of layoffs, many employees felt intimidated by the policies Musk implemented at the company, such as the requirement to work “intensely” or quit the job. TwitterWhich prompted them to choose the second option and fall into unemployment. In other cases, many workers have been laid off.

Finally, the Public Policy and Media and Entertainment teams have also been taking a hit lately. Upon acquiring Twitter, the team had employees in the field. After purchasing the platform, more than half of the employees in charge left the company.