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CAIXA Announced the Value of the Basic PIS Edition for 2021 for Those Born in January?  see a greater amount will be paid;  How to make PIS withdraw and update PIS TABLE

Will CAIXA advance the first installment of up to R$1,302 of the 2021 base year for the month of December? See here how to withdraw PIS; PIS AND PIS TABLE CONSULTATIONS

Private collaborators across Brazil are waiting anxiously Pay From Base year PIS 2021who was called PIS PASEP 2023.

this PISin theory, should pay to Caixa Economica Federal Still this year.

Understand the situation and see latest news From PIS And the:

  • PIS Calendar;
  • PacePass 2023
  • PIS table
  • base year PIS 2021;
  • PIS 2023 calendar;
  • PIS 2023


a Codefat (Consultative Board of the Workers’ Support Fund) And the Federal government will meet to determine Pay From Base year PIS 2021 / PIS 2023🇧🇷

There is minimal chance that this PIS will continue to be repaid in 2022, by all indications. Therefore Base year PIS 2021 He should stay for 2023.

Primary year 2021 paid in 2023?

If the premise Base year PIS 2021 Will stay for next year, and Pay We will get greater value🇧🇷

Highest core value for 2021

a the value From PIS is associated with less pay. Government estimated less pay it will be from 1302 Brazilian reals

Even greater value

However, the President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva He reaffirmed his intention to adjust the value less pay above inflation.

Therefore Pay It must be bigger.

Who is entitled to a PIS system?

a PIS that it vector to me Workers:

      • they were receiving what amounted to a minimum wage;
      • Carry out some paid activity at least 30 days a year;
      • you have updated data in the history;
      • They have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

PIS 2022 calendar

a PIS 2022 – Paid for Workers who acted in 2020 – they can still be withdrawn.

How to consult PIS 2022

This payment from PIS Can be withdrawn:

  • at automated teller machines.
  • at lottery houses and at CAIXA Aqui correspondents – using the social card and password;
  • At the CAIXA branch, with the presentation of the PIS number and an official identification document.


PIS 2022 Value – Reproduction / Social Security


Check information about PIS 2021; 2022 and 2023 – Image: Reproduction

INSS 14th first installment will be paid starting tomorrow (24th)? Find out what the value is and who gets it – Image: Reproduction.

PIS for who worked in 2021 When will it be paid? PARCELA released next Monday (28)? 🇧🇷 Photo: Freepik

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