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After confusion, Bridgeton’s team had to rerun the PCR tests. understand

A British newspaper published information that the tests conducted with the cast of the series were mixed.

The ‘Bridgerton’ team’s Covid-19 tests were mixed and the incident caused confusion in the season two movie set. according to the sunHowever, there was at least one positive case among the team’s testing batch and everyone working on the site at High Wycombe had to be retested to await the new results.

A source commented to the newspaper: ‚ÄúNothing can explain the errors. Unfortunately, the producers cannot take the risk, because this can stop production for a while. The tests were tainted, which meant that they all had to be done again. Ironically, when they came back a second time, the positives were negative”.

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NS MailOnline He contacted a Netflix spokesperson regarding the latest reports, but he has yet to receive any official comment. Bridgerton’s movie was just one of several productions filmed in the UK to be affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in the past few months, as has House of the Dragon.

This is not the first time

Showrunner Chris Van Dusen had previously confirmed that two PCR tests had tested positive for Covid-19 and hit production in early June, he says. diverse: “We’re back. We had to get delayed because of Covid, but we’re back. I’m currently in post-production, editing the first episodes, which looks great.”.

Netflix did not comment on whether these two cases occurred between the cast or crew when filming was suspended indefinitely in mid-July, but it confirmed that the two people were isolated at the time.

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