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After being rejected by America, Beck asserts himself as Vasco’s most decisive player |  Basque

After being rejected by America, Beck asserts himself as Vasco’s most decisive player | Basque

Gabriel Beck is a very regular player Basque In 2023? The numbers point to that. Last Sunday, against Gremio, the striker showed again that he can be a key part of the club’s recovery campaign in the Brazilian championship. He was the most decisive Vasco athlete this season, with nine goals and three assists.

Gabriel Beck was recently approached by a club in America to play in the MLS, but Vasco declined the offer. Values ​​are not considered good. With the US window closed, negotiations will not continue.

Vasco x Grêmio: Watch Vegeti’s goal after assisting Gabriel Beck

With Vasco’s refusal, Bec stayed at Sao Januario and was once again decisive against Gremio. After Paulinho’s deep pass, he invaded the penalty area and scored in the 34th minute of the second half, rounding out rookie Vegeti with a header. A 1-0 win in Sao Januario ensured the win.

The attacker had one more chance at the start of the second half. Beck faced goalkeeper Gabriel Grando head-on, but the kick was saved by Jono Pedro and the ball cleared. It was close. In the previous round, the striker had already scored in a 3-1 defeat against Corinthians.

Gabriel Beck assists Vegetti to score against Gremio – Photo: Andre Dureau/G

It was the striker’s highest scoring season of his career. Prior to 2021, he scored seven goals while providing three assists. His best year as a recruit was 2022, with four decisive passes.

Beck is Vasco’s top scorer this season alongside Pedro Raul who has already left the club. In Brazil, the striker is the team’s top scorer, with three goals, and the second most decisive passes (two), behind substitute Alex Teixeira, with three assists in the match. Despite being left-handed, all of Beck’s goals in the competition were with his right foot.

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Vasco’s most successful dribble at Brasileiro was number 11. 15 out of 16 games, averaging 0.94 per game. The team from Rio has performed best in this category and is ranked seventh.

A heat map from the website “Sofascore” indicates that Gabriel Beck steps everywhere on the pitch and is therefore a player that coaches love. Its offensive and defensive performance is different.

Gabriel Peck’s heat map from Vasco in Brasileiro – Photo: Sofascore

Other Peg Numbers in Brasileiro*:

  • 6 Big opportunities created
  • 2.1 completed per game
  • 0.2 goals per match
  • 9% target conversions
  • 83% pass per game
  • 67% successful passes on offense
  • 1.3 tackles per contest
  • 46% successful triples

With the availability of Gabriel Beck, Vasco returns to action next Monday at 9pm (Brasilia time) to face Red Bull Bragantino at Nabi Abi Sedidi in the last leg of the second round.