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'Afraid' · TV news

‘Afraid’ · TV news

Rico Melquiades He revolted after being left in the fire test pull this Sunday (24) in farm 13. The former MTV channel complained that she had not been chosen before Aline Mineiro, but he pulled out the wound Tate Brix Shackwho responded to the provocations. She said, “I was afraid.”

The hut started with Rico yelling at the losers in the race to drag Funkeira to the booth. “A woman does nothing, does not wash a dish, does not take care of an animal. She is lazy!” he began. He continued, “Put her in the kiosk to wake up at five in the morning and take a cold shower. But people are afraid. Even putting them in the kiosk, they are afraid.”

The singer replied: “And I was also afraid, why didn’t you put me in the fields? You said you would vote for me and then changed the vote.” “If you go to the stall today, you will go with me. If I hold the farmer now, you will see. I will make the cow at five in the morning,” Rico promised.

“I wasn’t going to do that,” Tate replied. “You should have fucked yourself.” “I wouldn’t do that either,” said the man from Alagoas. “Okay, punishment,” Carioca concluded. “That’s right, everyone will turn away. The only thing I don’t care about is punishment,” the former MTV quipped.

Tate started laughing, while Riku continued his insults. “Unbearable, lazy. Don’t wash a plate. Go and wash your underwear at least!” sneered, again. “Oh, eat it your ass!” Funkeira’s wrath. He replied, “This is where I like to take, there is nothing better than to take it recently.”

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