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ACS visits Chapecoenses to update SUS registration

ACS visits Chapecoenses to update SUS registration

On Saturday (23), about 300 community health agents made home visits to update SUS user records, visiting and providing guidance to nearly eight thousand users. The visits were for instructions on accessing Tele.saúde and also to update registrations.

According to Health Minister Gader Daniele, this activity is important to update user registrations, as many of them are outdated. “When we need to find a patient, to report, for example, an examination schedule or a procedure, many of them are not found because they have changed their address or phone number and have not updated their registration at the Family Health Center,” he explained.

Moreover, it highlights that with the installation of a new service in Chapeco, namely Tele.Saúde, updating registered users and providing access to users is essential for the service to reach citizens. “This new service consists of providing health services through communication technologies, including secure data transmission, in an online video call between the patient and the doctor and/or any health professional. But to obtain the service, the user needs to register, and this is what ACS will do.” Saturday”.

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