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About 30 new emojis that could be released have been revealed;  Check the menu

About 30 new emojis that could be released have been revealed; Check the menu

On Wednesday, 13, Emojipedia released 31 new emoji that may arrive for mobile phones in 2022. The news will still go through the approval process of Unicode, the company responsible for making emoji used in mobile phones, in September.

New options include animals, food, faces and hands.

Check out the new emojis:

Emojipedia / Disclosure
  1. face shaking
  2. blue heart;
  3. gray heart
  4. pink heart
  5. push the hand to the right;
  6. Push the hand to the left.
  7. large American deer;
  8. Foolish;
  9. wing;
  10. bird;
  11. goose;
  12. Jellyfish;
  13. hyacinth (plant);
  14. Ginger;
  15. peas;
  16. admirer
  17. fork comb
  18. Maracas.
  19. Flute.
  20. Khanda (a religious symbol of Sikhism);
  21. Wireless.

The new emoji are being released on account of the celebration of World Emoji Day, which falls next Sunday, 17. The designs may still undergo changes before they are officially released by Unicode. Depending on each operating system, the format and style of emojis may vary.

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