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Abel expects John John to be among the best and rejects the partygoers

Abel expects John John to be among the best and rejects the partygoers

he [Jhon Jhon] He will continue to play because I like players who take risks, who fail, and who take risks again. They are booed and continue to take risks, the press criticizes them and they continue to work, and sooner or later we will reap what we sowed.

I've never seen a seriously dedicated player who doesn't reap the rewards of his labor. But I saw the opposite, those who leave, those who go to nightclubs, and those who follow their own path sooner or later. But we don't want that in Palmeiras.

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Flaco Lopez: “Fortunately, our players know what we are working for at the club. They know how to deal with a team of 8 or 80 in Brazilian football. Borja here did nothing, our fans completely crushed him. He is doing well at River. Among others. Pedro” Flamengo was booed, and Atlético Hulk. The demand here is very high. As for Flaco, I really want to ice him. I already said, it takes time and patience. Not only for him, but for all young people. “We have a costume, Vega. Vega is an idol today, but he was crushed, and his shirts were burned. They have that in their memory.”

Shipping in Brazilian football: “The demand here is very high. I am sorry that people from Palmeiras and Corinthians are from Pauline… and from other states as well. I hope they will all be as demanding with our society as they are with football. That is what I challenge. They have been as demanding with other classes as the judicial class political and financial, as is the case with the sporting class.”

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Clásico vs Corinthians: “I know it's an important match, it's a derby. There's a lot at stake. But let's look at the players we have, and prepare our team, even if it is one day less than our opponent. It's Palmeiras x Corinthians, he's not an A, B or C coach.” “The Portuguese coaches respect each other a lot.”