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Abandoned shopping malls are on the rise in America

Abandoned shopping malls are on the rise in America

According to him, it's hard to remember another social enterprise that spent so much, took up so much physical space, and then exploded as quickly as typical American suburban malls far from major centers. In fact, since this model of indoor shopping center began in 1956 at Southdale in Edina, Minnesota and spread across the country, it has been a huge success.

A lot of people moved to the suburbs with demands and desires (or “pains”) for the PowerPoint crowd. Malls came up for these people. For housewives isolated in their homes, these new places were better and safer opportunities for socialization and escape than the old shopping districts.

In the 1980s and 1990s, shopping malls reached their peak in the country. But then they began to outgrow and proliferate. A new shopping mall in the area may throw other old ones into the category of unfashionable and dangerous – in the often prejudiced eyes of its patrons.

By the 2000s, according to Christopher, it was already fashionable to hate shopping malls. When “golpedemisericordia.com” arrived, many people were exhausted and dated.

Yes, the Internet brought unimaginable competition and the pandemic reinforced new consumption habits, but that was not all. The layout and size of malls was a problem.

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