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Abandoned House in the UK that attracts attention

Abandoned House in the UK that attracts attention

Located in East Sussex, the house has been turned into a ‘ghost’ and is currently unfinished.

The British royal family is known around the world for its infamous members, and in addition to the magnificence of historical and commemorative events, it is amplifying its daily updates through tabloids around the world.

Its castles were not abandoned; They contain key decisions of the monarchy and include members at different addresses distributed in the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace is most notable for the large chapters that have contributed to this place, from weddings to scandals.

Located in London and opened in 1705, the official residence currently houses the King’s major work requests and receives thousands of visitors daily – on the outdoor area and his garden and guided tours, which is 77,000 m². Useful area.

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However, a palace larger than London became the most expensive private house ever built in Britain; This is Hamilton Palace, located in East Sussex, and is unfinished.

Designed by a British millionaire Nicholas von HookstradonThe dwelling became a ‘ghost’ in a sluggish state.

Behind the address

Its construction began in 1985, at which time it was valued at தேசிய 40 million, a national record. Occupying the length of an English highway, the site is surrounded by dense forest, which can be seen from a distance, but at its entrance, the words “Private Property, Stay Away”, according to a local newspaper KentLive. .

Clear message warns intruders; Even if there are no invaders, there are armed guards, dogs ready for attack and CCTV alerts. Along with that, some pictures of the mansion come from aerial records and drones.

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One of the few messages from a reporter who visited the place in 2000. Not only is the apartment quiet inside, but there are luxury floors and a bad staircase in the lobby, he said.

The reason for the abandonment is directly linked to the owner; Nicholas, Now 76, guilty after fraud. In the decade when construction began, he owned more than 2,000 properties in the country, losing 90% of his assets over the next decade. Nevertheless, he did not abandon the move, and Kentlive denied that the palace was collapsing.

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Hamilton Palace is far from ‘crumbling’ and was built to last at least 2,000 years. The scaffolding is only part of the routine maintenance required of such property until its completion. “