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Ready to escape?  Carlaxo will stay in the United States for 20 days

Ready to escape? Carlaxo will stay in the United States for 20 days

Photo by Carlos Bolzano: Reproduction

Carlos Bolzano, son of President Jair Bolsanaro (PL), is set to travel to the United States for 20 days, even during the crisis facing the country. Preparation for escape after father’s failure?

Recently, much has been said about a plot that could have conspired against Bolzano, but it seems that he does not have the strength to do so. DCM. Carlaxo’s trip draws attention at a time when the fake news investigation under the care of Alexandre de Moraes is still ongoing. The president’s son has been named by many as the head of the fake news headquarters.

The journey seems to continue. Plans to leave the country had already been made as early as last week, marked by bad news of scandals such as former Education Minister Milton Ribeiro.

Although Carlos Bolzano is a councilor in Rio de Janeiro and holds no office in the federal government, Idamari has been responsible for preparations for the trip, under the charge of being a “relative of the president.”

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