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A woman walks 100 km in 4 days, finds a dog and has an emotional reunion

A woman walks 100 km in 4 days, finds a dog and has an emotional reunion

A woman spent four days walking to find her dog, Violet, who disappeared while walking in a park in Greater Manchester, England. Millennium Muhammadbhai’s efforts paid off, and the couple was able to reunite after the long journey.

Muhammad Bey enlisted the help of his friend Madeline Fitzgerald and began the search by following the tracking device implanted in the animal’s collar, which lost contact shortly thereafter.

Then the pair continued the search for another four days. The two walked about 100 kilometers. “on Friday [dia que Violet sumiu]The device said that she was wandering along the road, but after that we no longer saw her, ‚ÄĚsays the teacher.

She had already given up hope when, yesterday afternoon, the mark was connected again and then redirected the pair into a field, where they found the little girl sitting, as if nothing had happened.

“Yesterday I opened the app again, and for the first time, we got a location. When we got there, the marker kept beeping and pointing at water. I thought maybe her collar had been thrown in there,” he says.

The photos show the emotional teacher crossing the river towards the animal, while her friend weeps in relief. Like them, Violet is also affected by the reunion.

Alfia Mohamedbahi with her little dog

Photo: Playback / Facebook / Alfiya Mohamedbhai

The story was posted on Facebook, where Mohamed Bahi reported that his foot developed blisters after walking in search of his beloved dog.

She also talks about the house feeling “silent” and “empty” without Violet present. “I couldn’t stop crying,” he says. “It was crazy. I completely lost faith in finding it. I thought someone had stolen it.”

Muhammadbhai explained that the dog goes for a walk in that park every day and believes that she knows how to return there after her “adventure”.

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