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Learn how to make successful Claims to get detailed responses

Learn how to make successful Claims to get detailed responses

a chatcreated by star OpenAI, is a Chat bot which is used artificial intelligence (IA) specializing in text creation, GPT-3. The system simulates a conversation between the user and the artificial intelligence, where transmission is possible urge (commands) in order to create it Any kind of textsuch as biographies, reviews, recipes, and even contracts.

The tool’s AI is equipped with data going back to the year 2021, and is therefore incapable of producing such fresh content, but it still impresses with its capabilities. ChatGPT has even been used as a product of studies that have shown AI will be able to receive it Passing exams Such as medical training and MBA.

However, with all abilities Chat botThen you need to know how to send commands to get the most out of the tool. Therefore, the Estadao Separate some tips on how to do this urge (or orders) success and get more customized and satisfying ceilings. Check it out below.

ChatGPT needs good commands to provide satisfactory results filming: Ruvik Data/Reuters

You urge Commands that will be sent to ChatGPT so that the AI ​​can generate text in the desired manner. So, more detailed and specific these urgeThe more satisfactory the result.

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Initially, it is possible to create a file a personality Or ask ChatGPT to imitate a person, such as a famous writer or actor. For example, if you want to generate a financial report, start with: “type as an accountant”. Or if you intend to create an academic work, ask:Write like a college professor“.

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This is necessary because the choice of character has an important impact on the style, coordination and vocabulary of the response given by the machine.

After defining the character, it is necessary to decide what task the AI ​​will have to perform, that is, the text it will produce. For example, when requesting a travel plan, now is the time to specify dates, travel locations, interests, and so on.

In this way, the file summoned more information: “Make a tourist itinerary for a trip of (X) days in (country or city) leaving (city) on (date) and returning on (date)”.

In this next step, you will need to create more context and make clear the limitations and exceptions in your text. At this point more than one summoned Wrap the text however you like.

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So, with the same example of the itinerary, it is possible to issue the command: “I want you to consider that I will visit (Cities X, Y, and Z) in (Country) and then travel to (Country) by (car, plane, and train) to visit (Cities A, B, and C) on (Dates).”

Stops, parties, and other activities can still be added during the trip, so ChatGPT can shape your text.

It is important to keep in mind the purpose of the text in order to select a format for it. It is possible to issue a ChatGPT command to generate content in the form of a list, plain text, caption, the news or even with the maximum number of characters.

In this way, it is possible to send: “Make the text in the form of a list”.

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To finish the text, now is the time to list the points that you think are missing details or are unnecessary to the text.

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Then go send urge for system with text final definitions, like: Remove the second paragraph.; More details in the first paragraph.; “Add (information) in the third topic”.

With these final notes, it is possible to refine the content and determine the final version.

* Alice Labette is an intern under the editor Bruno Romani