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A woman marries her ex-husband's stepfather two years after the divorce

A woman marries her ex-husband’s stepfather two years after the divorce

Two years after the divorce, American Erica Coegel, 31, married her ex-stepfather, Geoff Coegel, 60, in Kentucky (USA). Jeff, who was married to Justin Towell’s mother, also ended the relationship at the same time.

According to Erika, she was 19 years old when she married Justin, and she bore him a 9-year-old son. However, over the years, their relationship eroded and the difference between them became increasingly apparent.

Shortly before her marriage ended, Erica went to trust her marital problems with Jeff, who offered her a friendly shoulder. According to The Sun, she has known Jeff through Justin’s sister since she was 16. “Of course, we had no connection at that age,” said Erica.

Erica and Justin’s divorce happened in 2016, shortly after Jeff separated from his stepmother. “When we made the decision to divorce, our marriage was not successful,” she said, indicating that she did not separate from Justin to be with her husband’s father.

Erica says she tried to fight her feelings, but in 2017, Jeff also admitted that he felt the same way and declared their love in public.

Their wedding took place in 2018, the year Erica found out she was pregnant. “Jeff is the young spirit and I am the old soul.” Erica told The Sun that he laughs when I say it, but it succeeds – and Justin was a very considerate person.

Currently, Erica shares custody of her eldest son with Justin, who is also married. “It’s been a few years since all this happened, and I left him behind and kept going.” Justin said, “Erica and I have a son together and we think about him before everything.

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