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A video went viral of a woman ignoring and despising Meghan Markle at a royal event; Watch

Video of a woman ignoring Meghan Markle It sparked controversy on social media. This Saturday (11) the actress and her husband, Prince Harryaccompanied by Prince William And the Kate Middleton to honor Queen Elizabeth IIwho died last Thursday (8). The peace meeting was highly appreciated by most of the subjects, however, some made a point of showing their indignation.

The photo shows the “Suits” star walking past a group of women who were behind a barrier. The Duchess of Sussex offers her hand to the first young woman who responds with a smile. Another woman is busy adjusting her sunglasses so as not to greet Markle. Meanwhile, the third keeps her head and refuses to extend her hand. Watch the moment:

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One of the novels that shared the moment supported the woman’s position. “The Lady in Blue and the rest of us all. They refuse to shake hands with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Netflix.”the person wrote on Twitter, while another went further: “It doesn’t matter how important or famous Meghan Markle is. No matter how many world-famous people she meets and shakes hands with, she, Meghan Markle, will never forget the lady who refused to shake her hand! This lady has real principles and true honesty!“.

Meghan has seen a sharp drop in her popularity in the UK since leaving the royal family in 2020. She and Harry have quit their roles in England and have moved to Montecito, California. To make matters worse, the couple gave a controversial interview to the presenter Oprah Winfrey She opened up about the many controversies the royal family has been involved in, including accusations of racism.

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However, this was not the only video of the duchess that went viral. Not long ago, Markle was seen hugging a teenage girl who she was thrilled to meet. look at me:

Other fans have also spoken out in favor of the Duchess and highlighted the bias of Meghan’s haters. “What we see here shows that the Duchess of Sussex has dignity and integrity, while the people who refuse to shake hands with her do not. They do not have a political agenda with her because there can be no agenda, it is their perception of her as a black person who rejected the royal family.”One user wrote.

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Another fan also recalled the assaults that the actress suffered: Meghan signed up to be royalty and not subject to racial abuse on the front page of tabloids across the UK. Her departure loudly demonstrated the self-esteem she had as a woman of color and made sure she could look her children’s eyes in the eyes when they were older.”.

The Duchess is expected to stay in the UK until the Queen’s funeral on 19 September. After that, he will return to his professional duties. It has also suspended the release of new episodes of the ‘Originals’ podcast as a show of respect for the late King.

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